low energy level..

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today my energy level is quite low..

follow my same daily routine from the early morning:pray, reciting mathurat, reciting quran..
did some house chores, some islamic books reading, did some home-made puzzles with umar (but not finished yet coz need longer time to cut the picture into puzzles shape), cook simple dishes then rest..

pregnancy related maybe..

will update later..


amiza said...

ana, makan la fresh banana for energey booster..aku dulu time pregnancy banyak makan pisang sbb selalu kena keluar pegi site..

Anonymous said...

no worries...pregnant ladies are entitled to complain about almost everything. enjoy it while it last.

cutiecaliph said...

amiza: semalam xde pisang la..pisang is rich with potassium..good source of energy..tapi jarang berlaku cuma semalam tetiba jek..after enough rest back to normal..alhamdulillah..nanti habis my oranges i'll buy banana plak insyaAllah;)

Mama Miya: heheh..thats the good thing of being pregnant kan;)