Preparing for lil' one;)

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My pregnancy now has reached the matured stage (matured after 37 completed weeks)! So from now on labor may happen at anytime without the risk of prematurity..

Alhamdulillah..can't wait for his arrival! Hubby and Umar are so excited too;)

Besides the essential stuff e.g. clothes, breast pump, cloth diapers, health stuff for baby, I prepared some stimulation material for him as well. Mostly I will reuse Umar's homemade flascards (remind everyone..'homemade' ok..where I colored them myself using marker pen since I did not have a color printer at that time)..

Notice the unfinished flashcards at the bottom?..I need to color them in black.
Red color words used for infant age and later changed to black color;)
Starts with bigger words and later slowly change to smaller size..
according to the eye development stages..

And also some black and white (plus some red) patterns and shapes for infant stimulation cards..

Thinking of making 'homemade' black and white checkered pattern bed sheet but not yet started..previously, I only have a 'homemade' Pooh bed sheet (thanks to my mother in law) and some plain white sheets ..but checkered pattern bed sheet is more attractive for the infant actually;) So if I have time, I'll try to make one for mom has given me her old sewing machine..but frankly I am not good in sewing but I'll give a try insyaAllah..

enjoy your day everyone!


أم الليث said...

rajinnya colour in sendiri! hahaha
i just tulis tangan using a big red permanent marker je

cutiecaliph said...

that was during my long holiday..heheh..tuhla..i also amazed now betapa rajinnye aku dulu..:P

Afzan Aini said...

sungguh gigih ko.. Oh, baru tau, utk infant warna merah ye.. pastuh dah besar sket warne hitam lagi bagus ek.. ok2 tq.

cutiecaliph said...

afzan: aa'ah ikut eye development stage infant..awal2 they only can see these three colours:)

asma'hatta said...

akak, bila yg sesuai nak start tunjuk flashcard kat baby ni? baby hafiy sekarang dah 3 bulan. tak reti la nak stimulate baby mcm mana..huhu

cutiecaliph said...

asma': if u start the sooner the better..kalau dah 3 months leh start terus dgn flash card with animals, dots etc..yg black and white infant stimulation tuh usually from birth up to 2months..hope that helps;)