Alhamdulillah - grand prize!;)

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Alhamdulillah I won the grand prize for the "help-me-to-grow-1Superkids" contest..visit here


I won the prize with total amount of about RM 300++..alhamdulillah..joining the
online group with lots of information like 1superkids is an opportunity to get lots of beneficial information for free, have more friends in blogging world and win prizes for contest like this.

my entry for the contest visit: here

Alhamdulillah..thank you 1superkid admin for the nomination!


Anonymous said...


temp. housewife said...

congrats my dear :D

cutiecaliph said...


Mommy Lyna said...

Congratulation Ummu Umar!

Thanks to you too for helping 1SK to grow.

Keep on supporting 1Super Kids yeah. May it grow macam Umar gitew~ ;)

cutiecaliph said...

mommy lyna: thanks for organizing the contest:) xsabar nak try shaklee..:)