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This post was save in my draft for quite sometimes. As I remembered this was written when i read a post in another blog about a mom in doubt on her ability to be a good mother to her child.


There's no such thing as good or bad mom. As long as we do our best for our kids, we are the best mom for our own children.

Never tend to be like someone else because our situation and theirs are different. Each of our kids' character also is different from each other. Further more our kids and other kids from different upbringing environment.

Appreciate everything that we have in hand and never complaint. For example, if we have only 2 solid hours to spend with our kids, utilise that golden moments fully. Never compare our life with others. The outcome of everything we do is in Allah's power. Even if we spend everything we have for our kids but if Allah wants a different path and destination for us we will be in His path, always have strong faith that Allah knows what is best for us.


أم الليث said...

Good entry, Ana. It makes me feel better too!

May Allah give us all wisdom as all mothers should have.

temp. housewife said...

I was thinking abt writing abt this too. But my approach was to write abt "Is there any Perfect Parents"?

Rina Adnan-Demade said...

Time kasih Ana. Post ni, sangatlah ada kebenaran nya.

cutiecaliph said...

aliya & rin: just my humble two cents opinion..

tem. housewife: write about it..i love to read your opinion on it;)

Anonymous said...


since hvg my 2nd son...i spent less time with d 1st hv to juggle btwn household & work..kekdg rasa down sgt due to stress & pressure nk jd "perfect" mom..slalu wonder, how others doing..what should..what shudnt...

Ya Allah bantulah hamba Mu ini.