cloth diaper

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thariq wearing CD..sorry for the bad quality pict, camera not functioning!!

This is my first time using cloth diaper and I strongly recommend it for our kids. Why?

1.hygienic- easy to clean and easy to use

2. I can closely observe my son's stool colour to ensure he had enough of the foremilk+hindmilk= mustard colour

3. gentle to baby's skin- no more diaper rash. Both my sons's skin is sensitive to chemical e.g. powder, diaper etc. With cloth diaper alhamdulillah no more rash but of course both CD and Disposable diapers need frequent changing ok..if baby using wet CD/Disposable diapers for hours he definitely will develop rashes!

Umar had a try wearing CD, he likes it so much!his comment: "lembut la pampers butang ni ummi..cantik warna dia"..;)

4. good for our nature- I had no guilty feeling inside because my bin will not be full of disposable diapers anymore!

5. save $ a lot!- hubby no more need to buy the diaper frequently as these CD can last until thariq is 3 years old..insyaAllah..hubby like it so much..heh

6. cute- i like the various design and the colourful pattern especially on the drying line...


أم الليث said...

umar pun try jugak? hahahaha

cutiecaliph said...

aa'ah..saja bg dia try and tgk reaksi dia..try dlm beberapa minit jek..hihi..sian die excited nak cuba pakai:)