Reading with Umar:)

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I have been busy recently especially after the birth of our second caliph..still 'terkial-kial' adapting to the new routine with two sons at home..enjoying every bits of it..alhamdulillah..

I have not doing much activities with Umar for quite sometimes..we usually only read a page per day or maybe a page in two days. The rest, Umar will read by himself as he always loves reading. When he reads alone I'll listen to him and there would be many mistakes but I just let him continue reading for not to discourage him..He must be wanting so much a new book to explore!

He demanded for more arts activities. I only managed to do simple paintings and some 'kolaj' with ayah's help on my first day of confinement.

As for Umar's learning to read the Furqan, he already proceed with his 3rd book. He says that it is quite hard for him to master it but he will try to read at least half a page per day..he also forgotten some of the 'baris bawah' because of long break due to my health status..

Here is Umar's video reading last night:



temp. housewife said...

how old is Umar? He looks happy doing the collage.

ummu mujahid said...

wah umar sudah pandai baca buku...amazed....huhuu..btw akak link blog ana ye

cutiecaliph said...

temp. housewife: umar is 3years 3months old:) he always enjoy his art activities..alhamdulillah

ummu mujahid: alhamdulillah..sila2..btw link blog akak ape ye?leh ana link sekali..

ummu mujahid said...

ana ajar bc buku peter n jane nk kene berguru la ngn ana...start from the 1st book is it?

cutiecaliph said...

kak nana, ana mula dr book 1a tu..ala xde berguru apenye kak nana, ana pun masih belajar mencari yg terbaik buat anak2..

yg penting tanam minat pd buku dulu..baru dia akan semangat nak baca:) biiznillah..

أم الليث said...

pandainya Umar baca buku! Well done Umar!
(and well done Ana eheheh)

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: alhamdulillah..thanks!:)

Rina Adnan-Demade said...

Ana ni pandai ngajar :) Sbb tu Umar pandai ye :)

cutiecaliph said...

rin: xdela..anak2 kita ni kalau kita bersemangat dia pun semangat jugak..alhmdillh