Medical student and competition

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I personally came across two groups of medical students. One who practiced cooperation and another practiced competition and I noticed vast discrepancy between two groups’ achievements. Competition is so built in medical school nature till it becomes natural response. Sincerely, when I was a medical student, only in my second year I realized how beneficial to work in a team rather than individually. But believe me in medical world competition doesn’t work, cooperation that yield the best result.
Sometimes it is sad to see an individual who works really hard to make other party lose but ends up he/she lose he/herself. A few people asking me how to survive in medical school, for me it is the matter of who sustain and not who the fastest reaching the end. But the issue is how to sustain successfully? First we need persistence doa and prayers to Allah. Secondly, purify our daily intention. Thirdly work smart and last but not the least cooperate and work as a team. Working as a group actually eases your burden and helps you reach beyond the target and be fabulous.
In Islam, Allah had mentioned that Allah helps those working collectively. I personally believed that studying in a group will get blessing from Allah. And we learned a lot from the Seerah where our prophet pbuh himself works cooperatively till Islam had been at the best positioned for decades.
I remembered during our university years, we study together, pray together in the study room, breakfasting to gether even qiamullail together. And there will be someone who will remind each other on the importance of seeking Allah’s blessings in this world.
Another thing is, when we work in a group we actually ease other people work besides ours, again there will be lots of rewards from Allah if we do this with the intention only because of Him. The theory of winning with the expense of others is actually the worst.
In future, as we grow as well as our career, we will realize that almost everything in life is done in teams. The higher your rank on the ladder, the less important your individual contributions become but your job becomes leading, inspiring and motivating others. Thus if we cannot work well with others, we will fail to lead. Build the skill now.

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